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How to Tinggle in 3 easy steps

  • FILL

    Empty the content of a Tinggle in your favorite bottle, glass or jar. Add cold water, 250 to 500 ml, depending if you like stronger or milder taste.

  • MIX

    Let the Tinggle bubbles rise and then stir or shake your mix of Tinggle and water in your shaker, glass or bottle.


    Enjoy a refreshing Tinggle whenever you feel tired or need a boost of energy. Try drinking your Tinggle within 30 minutes for optimal taste.

Natural Alternative

Say hello to the pocket-size, eco-friendly, natural alternative to energy drinks you can take anywhere with you. Mix it with water, juice, shake or your favorite smoothie to get a boost of energy. 

Premium Energy

Tinggle is made from premium quality ingredients including green tea, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, guarana, acai and resveratrol. We also added an invigorating blend of vitamin C, D, B6 and B12.

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How many calories are in a Tinggle?

A single serving of Tinggle only contains 32 calories – 20 of which come from organic cane sugar. No more than a strawberry!

What does Tinggle taste like?

Tinggle's flavor is a mix of acai and green tea, much like a concentrated fizzy and fruity iced tea.

Do you ship outside of Canada?

We do not ship outside of Canada for the moment but we plan on shipping to the US and the rest of the world very soon. Stay tuned!